tank for wr426 2001(orginal seat)

Hello, I write from Italy

I'm looking for a tank 15...18liters with the original seat. (wr426 2001 seat is different for wr400 '99 seat). I suppose IMS 4.0 gall. is only for old wr400, isn't it?

do you know the clarks website?

May you suggest the right tank? and the website?

thank you.

pls, write to my e-mail


Try this as well...

Clarke Website


ThankYou Dan,

In Italy Yamaha imports the 8 liters fuel tank .

I know that the USA versionis different, there is a 12liters instead 8liters, so maybe the seat is different.

Isnt'it? (refer to the owners manual)

thank you


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