Beater 426

I have inherited a 2001 YZ426F that has seen it's better days and am looking to get it in running order. I have bought new F/R sprockets, new chain, new levers and new grips. I plan on pulling the carb and giving it a good cleaning as well as fresh oil/filter and radiator fluid. I also need a new fuel petcock as the brass bung the fuel line attaches to on my bike has slipped loose out of the petcock itself. Can anyone point me to a good replacement. Any petcock "mods" to do while I'm replacing it? Thanks in advance and yes, I already downloaded the manual!!

Expect the fork seals to give up the ghost if the bike has sat very long. They will be ok for now but after some riding they will probably go out. Plan on rebuilding forks if you get the rest of it going and running down the trail.

Pull the wheels and headset apart and check/lube the bearings. Remove the swing arm and all the linkage and check/lube those too.

Sorry, I don't have any hot tips for the petcock.

A new petcock is only about $20 at the dealer. $10-12 at Thumper Talk OEM Parts.

If you are trail riding buy the WR426F petcock in order to get the reserve function. Nice to know when fun time is almost over, that way you don't have to hike :thumbsup:

Not to bore you folks with my pathetic little story but I picked up a WR petcock today at the stealership, pulled the carb, disassembled and cleaned it up along with the airbox. What a mess! I have no idea how long this bike sat but the sludge in the bowl was orange. Also it seem the airbox has been "modded" as there is no lid to it and there is a large, orange foam filter in the box that doesn't appear OEM. I noticed the previous owner sealed the foam filter at the intake inlet with what appears to be Vaseline, is this advisable? It sure was messy cleaning up. Tomorrow I will clean the gas tank, install the petcock, change the sparkplug and hopefully get it started! Good call on the fork seals as I noticed the left one is weeping on the tube. I will ride it a short while and see how bad it leaks but it will need to be addressed soon. I also replaced the front sprocket and as on my streetbike, I flew across the garage when the nut finally snapped loose... :thumbsup: Seems to be a great site here with a lot of good info if you get past the "my mom almost took my bike away today stuff". :thumbsup:

The YZ's didn't have an airbox lid...the WR's did, and the bikes use the same airbox, so the holes are there. The first thing us WR gys do is throw that lid away, anyhow.

As far as vaseline on the air filter, most folks use waterproof grease. Something to seal that interface IS a good idea. As far as the orange filter, it could be Uni, Twin Air, White Bros (orange-ish red), or some other after market filter. The stock one probably fell apart long ago. Be sure you wash it out with soapy water (or filter cleaner), let it dry, and oil it up good with foam filter oil.

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