Bike shipment to Moab...

If any of you (eastern) guys are interested in Moab, but bike shipment is just too high, give Mark from 2-Dads a call. He may be able to help.

I hope I have not over stepped my boundary here, Mark!


Save your $ and call a company called Forward Air. I just crated and shipped my old can-am to a guy in Nebraska for $25 per 100#. 620# crate with bike and all spare parts from Seattle to Lincoln for $177.00. I'll post thier phone # if people are interested, (I left it at work). Maybe you can buy more beer in MOAB now. Sorry to 2DADS, I just thought $300 that they quoted was a little high! Got to save every penny for bike goodies and beer!


I just got off the phone with Forward Air. At 300#, shipment will be $83.00 each way. Insurance is .65/$100.

Dude, I owe you some beers.

Rick & Kevin...

Man, that's an incredible price. Will they deliver anywhere, or is it only from major city to major city? Business addresses only? Do you need to crate the bike yourself? Give me some details, please (and the phone number while you're at it.)


You need to crate the bike yourself. It must be COMPLETELY boxed up...yes, just like a cube, with plywood sides. It must be on a pallet or something so a fork truck can grab it. Shipping time is 4 days each way from Bos to Denver.

There is a receiving station in Denver. For me, it is either Albany, NY or Boston. I hate Boston but it is closer.

Customer Support is 800-726-6654.

Pick up and delivery must be done AT THEIR STATIONS.

Weight is the TOTAL weight of bike and pallet.

Insurance will total $65 based upon $5000 value. I would put weight at an easy 400# for pallet + bike. Forward Air quoted me $111.70 for 400# from Boston to Denver.


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2 Dads? umm like do we have a homosexual contingant among us? :)

Actually Rick,

The cheapest I found it was $950 ROUND TRIP.

The next was AmTrack @$1000.

The highest I found was $1600 round trip.

Great prices, good find. No more 20hrs of driving to Arizona, I'll fly and have a buddy pick up the bike. Thanks Rick and Kevin.

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Kevin, thanks for posting the details about Forward Air. I have been dealing with freight companies for about 15 years and just knew there had to be a cheaper way to ship bikes across the country. Hope theres a few more beers for everybody in MOAB!

Those will have to be Sam Adam's at a minimum.

Hey Kev. Can you find out the address where the receiving station is in Denver so I can start plotting out my bike retreival mission? ? ?

That's awesome news!

By the way, I'm in Reno until Thursday so I can't get my TTalk e-mail until then.



12050 East 45th Avenue

Suite 100


Originally posted by Bryan:

Hey Kev. Can you find out the address where the receiving station is in Denver so I can start plotting out my bike retreival mission? ? ?

Glad to help with the logistics. Give me a call dude.


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