Elkins Flat ( Abeeb Ride )

Mike Howard, and Monty took off bright and early for the Sierras Saturday morning for a full days ride. We staged at the flying (W) Ranch about 15 miles south east of Placerville. Started right off into the high Sierra trails, with deep loom, switch backs, and tight turaine. Most of the trails are unmarked, and we didn't see another motorcycle for our full mornings ride. We put in a 55 mile loop of the best high Sierra riding there is. We took trails back to Flying W Ranch where ( Bill ) our host had burgers on the Q and homemade lemonaide for lunch. After lunch Howard and Mike went out for a second loop where they ran acrossed another rider that was so far back in there, that he needed a G.P.S. to find his way out. Back to the flying W Ranch where our host Bill now has dinner ready for all of us. Homemade Raviolles, and lemonade , and cheese cake. What a meal.

Some of the best riding in the high Sierras, Some of the best people to ride with. You Northern Calif. riders need to get hooked up with us for some unbelievable riding. In closing there was something about 2 firemen in a smoked filled room or something (See Mike ) Best time riding thanks again . Monty

I hate the 3 of you....

Is this the same area we'll ride on the Blue Lake DS?

Glad you had a good time.



That was a great day of riding. Next time I'll bring the camera. I'm still laughing about the smoky room. You should have seen Howard climbing these steep walls. Let's do it again soon!

Hi brian yes this is the blues lakes aera,mike you bet we will do it agian,next rain or sooner.Would you like to be on a joke list? seend me your e-mail and i'll put you on it.


Don't forget about the spinach salad with Rasberry Walnut dressing :D Monty you don't know what you were missing!Monty and Mike thanks for coming up to Bills (Flying W) Riding in the Sierras with your best budds can't be beat. Bill is the ultimate host I cant thank him enough for his hospitality :) Next time we will bring a camera to show these guys what they missed, but then again I hope they will be riding along with us.Next time we'll bring the cheesecake. I now look at firestations with a whole new perspective. :D thanks howard

You got it howard bills flying W ranch is tops ,food,swiming,riding,and just kicking it.He also has parts for motorcycle and a full shop for repair.And yes we will have to bring the cake next time.Hay mike why did the chicken cross the road? [send e-mail]


Ok, Like Brian said, get a new one planned so I can be involved. Sorry I missed the day, but it sounds like a great ride.

Mike in Roseville

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