Difference of top clamp on 99 & 00 YZ4XX?

Does anyone know what the difference is between the 99 and 00 top clamp is?

Here's the story- I have a 00 WR400 and it goes without saying that it's basicly the same as a 99YZ with different gears and some plastics etc. I'm trying to buy a top clamp for my bike but finding a listing for a WR is impossible. They list them for 00-03 YZ4xx and I'm wondering if that will fit my 00 WR400.

I just finished putting an Applied Racing "wrap" clamp on my step-sons wr400. His is a 99.

The applied clamp works on the wr's. It has the necessary attachment spots for the odometer. It also has an extra bracket that allows the use of the 2001-2005 number plate or the 96-99 numberplate.

That didn't really answer my question but thanks anyway. I'll know more on Thrusday when my 2000YZ top clamp gets here.

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