DTM needle

Does anyone stock these needles? I have called White Bros., Monclair, and Baja Designs. Baja was the only place that seemed to have a clue.

DTM is an OEM - Yamaha and KTM needle. (OBDTM) Probably not on most parts departments shelf, but available in a few days. Used in '98/'99WR400's and '00/'01 KTM 400/520's.

(Maybe you already knew that... :) )

How about www.HLSM.com that they were recommending in other posts?

James, jet-eye master, do you know of anyone

changing needles on KTM's? If so, what were the results?



So Cal Erik

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I do not know of anyone with a KTM who has tried other settings. There are so few out there that it's hard to find someone willing to experiment.

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