Wish me luck for ANOTHER Operation!

Tomorrows the day! (Fri)

After waiting months and having it postponed due to doctors strikes (on the 1 day I'd be waiting for!) its finally time.

Will keep you guys posted when I get out in a few days and maybe post some more x-ray pics!

In for rod removal, new rod insertion, screws and qute possibly a bone graft.. wil know on the graft when I wake up afterwards!! :):D




**Ride it like you Stole it!**

Matt Porritt

99 YZ400F

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Godspeed Matt!

Matt, god bless you! I'll be praying for a successful surgery and speedy recovery. :)

Good Luck!!

Good luck Matty!

P.S. See if you can get the penile extension while your'e in there. Remember happy sheep are productive sheep :).

Hey matt,

You better get better. We may end up having the 2002 ride in new Zealand rather than Australia. You have some recon to do.

Really, I hope it all works out OK. You dont deserve the **** that you have undergone to date.


Penile extension...SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ten inches gets me no where...Oops, I had the ruler turned around. I guess it's two inches. :)

Get your ass back in the saddle soon, Matt!!

And remember, only YOU has to be pleased! :D

Hey Matt!! All the Best!! :)


It depends how you measure it. I like to measure mine like a cat's tail, from the

a**hole. This is the only way you can give your wife/girlfriend the true developed length :) .

Matt, good luck on the operation wish you the best! Drink lots of milk blende with wd-40 to make your bones strong and to prevent rust :D Dont let Silicon Mike kid you he measures from the middle of his back :)

Best of Luck Matt. We will be thinking of you. Give us a post when you're up to it.


P.S. Don't get your penial enlargement done South of the Border.

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