Is Moab ready for Us.....?

Hey all,

We keep asking ourselves, "Am I ready?".... "Is my bike ready?"... "What if....?"

Well, I think we should concern ourself with the smalll and happy community of Moab that we will completely soiled with our actions. A town of strong values that will circum to the gutter trash of society... Motorcycle rides. :D And I dont mean those sissy harley riders that think they are king of the road. (Those speed ball chasing wimps..... If there are any harley gang members out there who are genuine, my appologies. But for those who are complete wankers, I will be at moab and if you want me, take ya best shot. They call me Mitch.)

Anyway, back to my story. Thus, we will create havoc and mayhem... All the women and children will be either drooling at us manly men (and manly beer bellies) or our manly bikes.. (sorry ladies, no offence intended.. :) .. )

So, the way I look at it, the following people will be upset with us:

The police: Public nudity, intoxication, fowl language, speeding, wreckless riding and driving, noise complaints, urinating in a public place/police car, etc....

The Rangers: Well, that is all I need to say about that one.. :D

The Town Folk: Who will try and lynch every damn one of us after that weekend.

The fathers: Sorry about your daughter sir... She forced me... :D

The Harley Bikers: Leave that one to me. I will show them some really big flies eyes that should have them scurrying....

The Mountain Bikers: Sorry about the roost in your face mate.

The 4x4ers: Well, they deserve what ever they get.. :D

The Local wildlife: LOOK OUT!

So, gentlemen, ladies, riders, maniacs and general party animals, spare a thought for the small town of Moab and what we will do to it. Now, that the thought it over, LETS HAVE THE TIME OF OUR LIVES......


PS. To all those that may take offence. Ooops, sorry... :D

As one who has been to Moab many times for the "Jeep Safari Week". I can tell you they are very used to this sort of behavior. Dare I say its almost common place there sometimes :)

This is not necessarily from any one particular outdoor user group, but Moab just turns into a regular zoo during the cooler weather, when folks can get out and enjoy the slick rock.

You guys are going to have a blast...the whole town is geared for outdoor fanatics like you and I.


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I am ready, willing and ripe to do anything, anytime, anywhere, anyplace, anyhow to anyone for no reason at all!

I just won't admit to any reporters or to any cameras! :)


99 WZ, all YZ mods, de-octopused, OEM YZ tank and IMS seat, jetting by Clark/James, got forked by Pro Action, DSP airbox, PB Header, Stroker SX-1 SA, Thumper Rad Guards, Acerbis Hand Guards. Moab, HERE I COME!!

Oh Mitch,

A couple of things to point out:

Moab is dominated by the morman church. They are all good God fearing folks that have learned to avoid tourists at all cost! Most of them have moved! :)

Police? I think there's only a couple of them in the whole town and they're worried about the drug-smokin, bicycle-peddlin hippies that steal stuff to get by. If you got a plate and are staying in a hotel, they won't bug you.

Rangers? What rangers? You mean like forest rangers? You might see one as you pay your entrance fee or something, but there's no one else out in those deserts! Definately not one dressing in olive green in a funny hat.

We might see some tree (cactus or rock) hugging, pinko, commie, bed-wetting environmentalists, though. You know the type who want to protect our sand for future generations. Lord forbid we push it around a bit :D Good thing is you can spot them a mile away. They are the half tie-dye dressed hippie's in the middle of a desert with sandles on. No match for a properly jetted WR :D

Harleys? There isn't a Harley shop for hundres of miles and you know those machines can't venture too far from a hospital :D Besides, they like FLAT dirt tracks :D (Funny how liberals like to ride machines that drip oil all over the ground - isn't it?)

Wow, I'm getting much too political! You shouldn't mix politics and religion - unless you're with good friends! Man, am I looking forward to this trip!


Oh yeah Jake,

On the subject of sand movement...dont forget "the briefing".

Dont step or ride on the Cryptogamic soil. Its a black crust that supposedly keeps the erosion down in the sand thats devoid of much vegetation.

Its basically another angle the environmentalists have been using to try to shut the area down to off road users of any kind.

Try not to make any tracks through it or they will have more ammo to use against us.

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