huge dynofest!

you live in the states, you've all this gear you keep putting on your bikes, so why don't have a huge dynofest somewhere.

you turn up with your bike, someone brings an 18" roadtyre on a wheel.

main jets


carbon airbox


p-38 APJ

tps adjusted

skimmed head/compression

big bore

big valve



cam timing

YZ, wr & vortex

stroker cams



air filters

i haven't thought of them all. some people have track days, you could have a dynoday!

don't use just one bike or you'll s*** it out.

how about a portable rolling road near to a great ride? there are a lot of things that none of us know about carburation etc. you could perhaps get in a specialist!

how about getting it sponsored or free from someone who is convinced that trying their bits-you'll buy them. ie white bros pay for a dyno for the DAY & leave you with a pipe to try & sell say 3/4 to cover their costs & more on hearsay/goodwill afterwards.

just an idea that's spinning around in my head that i had to get out.


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