Does anybody know what ratio the speedo needs to be on a 2000 Wr? I want to install a speedometer for my dual sport kit they require a odometer reading on the paper work. I found a web site that has mini speedometers but thay have different ratios like 1:1 2:1 or 2240:60. This site is for speedos for motorcycles but mainley for HD's. They will work but I just need to know the ratio, Please help.


You can just enter an odometer reading on the paper work and call it an estimate (est) and it should sail right through.


Baja Designs sells a universal speedo ($65.00) which will hook up to your stock odometer cable.

I didn't have any trouble registering my '99 WR for street use w/o a speedometer or odometer. In fact, I had to do a full blown VIN verification since my bike was out of state & not registered - the inspector just indicated that odometer was beyond its mechanical limits/NA.


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