petcock problems?

Anybody had problems with the exit nipple(?) on the petcock coming out of the assembly? I was pulling off my fuel line and it came out with it. Should I be able to use a good epoxy on it or am I looking at a new unit? If I have to go new, I'll probably go with a Pingle, but I don't really want to lose my reserve. Any suggestions?


I had real good luck once with a similar situation once with JB Weld. I had a press in aluminum fitting on an aluminum casting. BUT - mine was an oil line. Perhaps calling the mfg of JB Weld would shed some light on suitability of use with fuel.

Same thing happened to me on my 98 WR. When I pressed it back in I twisted it slightly and it appeared to be a reasonably good interference fit. I could feel the wrenching of the two metals and I was not able to pull it out after that (it been a year ago). It has not been an issue since. It may be that the initial press fit was not done well.

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