a few questions for you 2000 wr owners...

Just got my 2000 WR about 6 weeks ago.... put on a white brothers exhaust (eseries sbend with header pipe) I noticed after putting on the header pipe that it seemed to lose top end....(i put the silencer on first and a few weeks latter put on the header pipe) anyways 60-70 mph is all the faster i seem to be going on this bike... its got gobs of torque (iam all ready needing a new rear tire) but ive also noticed that iam getting a lot of popping on deceleration....

Ive also removed the throttle stop. Any ideas? what jetting should i get in the bike? iam located in spokane washington and for the most part ride a lot of forest service roads was considering getting the bike timed to the yz when i get it rejetted? what exactly will this do for me? will i still be able to putt around in the woods? how do i get my top end back? I ideally would like a fast torquey bike, oh yeah by the way iam still running stock sprockets...

Iam 6'4 and weigh 225 lbs after 4 or 5 hours of riding i feel like someone beat me with a golf club any ideas on tuning the suspension?

any replies would be appreciated


When you add an aftermarket exhaust, you get much better exhaust scavenging. The popping that you hear is most likely a lean condition which would explain your lack of "power". You need to change the carb jetting on your bike.

When you go to YZ timing you will most likely have to change the jetting again to get maximum benefit from the timing and exhaust modifications.

See the section on Jetting at the forum index page.


There are several forum members that contribute on this subject, Clark Mason and James Dean are the most prominent experts on jetting (and other topics!).


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan; really big, freakin' knee guards and no graphics. . . .

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If you weigh 225 pounds, then you need to have the springs in your forks and shock uprated.

You will need about a 5.4 or 5.6 in the the shock, and around 0.47 in the forks.

I weigh 200 and have a 5.4 and 0.46 in mine. It really makes a difference, as the stronger spring holds the bike up in the plusher part of the stroke (hope that makes sense). Plus you wont bottom out landing from jumps.

I should also point out that the UK bikes come as standard with 0.44 fork springs as opposed to the the 0.46 springs in the US bikes, but the UK bikes have different valving.

I got mine done by race spec in england who were great. www.racespec.co.uk




Just to remind all you yanks...the UK bikes come with YZ tank and seat combo as standard. (there ..a little showing off does wonders)

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Thanks guys

Darren i weigh 200lb & would recommend the 5.6/5.75 for shane. my 5.5 is, in my opinion, a little soft. i have .46 on the front & they are perfect.

my two bob.


I have a 2000 wr400(M) - oz bike- YZ timed, with the same WB header and can. The bloke who imports them here has his own dyno and recommended:

pilot: stock (42)

fuel screw: 1 3/4 - 2 turns

main: 168

No. of disks: 8

After messing about with a few combos of jets and needles I just went with his advice and the bike ABSOLUTELY RIPS!!! all the way the the rev limiter (ie. ignition limit - not that dinky throttle stop on the US bike)

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