Madison, WI

Hi Guys,

Looking for some help. I'm considering a job relocation to Madison, WI from the Philadelphia area.

I've been checking out the off-road riding opportunities around Madison and it does not appear very promising. Hopefully, I'm missing something.

if anyone belongs to the Madison MC club or knows how I can get in touch with someone from the club please drop me a PM. I sent an e-mail to the address on their web site but did not receive a response.

Also if anyone has any other info regarding off-road opportunities in the area drop me a line. I checked out AMA District 16 and the WI Dual Sport web site as well.

I'm 40 years old and ride a KTM 300XCW. I ride about 4-5 ECEA enduros a year, but also enjoy aggressive trail riding and dual sports.


Your best bet: Clark County / Jackson County = 2 hours north

There is Dyracuse also, about the same amount of time1.5 to 2 hrs. There is a moto track in Lake Mills, but it is only open to race on unless your a member.


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