100% reliable......

Hey all,

I have had my bike almost 10 months. She has been with me through hell and high water. I gave the girl a first service the other day and she was spot on. The valves, 2, were only slightly out....! Piston and sleeve wear were below normal. This is due to my very anal approach to changing the oil after nearly every ride..... Including a NEW filter after every second....

All jokes aside, I have easily almost covered over 5000kms!


The money spent to make the bike ride the way I want it......

bars: $200

clutch perch: $30

Pipe: $700

Airboc + velocity stack: $650

Briaded line: $60

Tank + Seat: $500

Suspension: $700

Bike: $9,500

All total: AU$12,000

Yes, it is expensive, but it certainly does what she is supposed to..... I am sure that whatever bike I buy, i will need to spend the money on a pipe + suspension.


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