Clutch Cables

I've already got a Works Connection clutch/decompression perch set up and I'm looking to make the clutch pull even more buttery smooth (anything is buttery smooth compared to my KX500). I've seen GoreTex lined cables in mountain bike mags and I am wondering if anybody has seen these for motorcycles?

I'm considering a hydraulic set-up but I'd rather not spend the money.


On my 99WR 420 I'm running the Works connection lever set up with the needle bearing in the lever and a Steel braded Terry Cable Clutch cable with the stock Clutch pack, springs and a Hinson clutch basket and my clutch lever pull is just fine, its not hard at all. Much better than my friends 98 yz400 or 00 yz 426.


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I haven’t seen or heard of any lined cables but I recently replaced mine and was amazed at the difference it made. My bike rarely gets wet so the original cable was clean (and well lubed) but the new cable made a significant difference anyway. Maybe the stocker has some type of lining. A new cable is only around $15 or so.

You are obviously not going to want to part with your trick perch but I love my MSR Raptor (especially in long races). I swapped bikes with a well maintained YZF and the guy thought my clutch was broken because the pull was so light. One caveat is that, even when new, the cable is almost too long for this setup so it has less room to stretch. That is why I replaced my cable but for the money and improved feel I’m fine with that.

For the curious I also have a GYT-R thumb compression lever with a Terrycable hot start mounted to the back of it. The two components fit very well together and I love the thumb lever for bump starting after stalls so you guys can’t talk me into YOUR favorite clutch perch either. :)

I went to the Hebo hydralic clutch kit and it is fabulous. You will never get as light clutch pull with a cable system.


Who makes the Hebo kit? I've seen Magura & Billetanium but not Hebo.


Hebo is a company in Spain that make the conrols that are used on the Gas-Gas I believe. I got my kit throuogh MX Tuner's shop.

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