clutch problems @#$%#$

hey guys , here's the story, last fall, i ran my 00 426 low on oil and smoked the clutch, over the winter I installed an epc kit from ebay, this spring, whenever the engine got hot or I was workin the clutch big time, the freeplay would increase until there was no more clutch, if I barely use the clutch, the problem dissapears,

I thought, bad clutch, so I installed a new yamaha clutch 01 kit, I still have the same problem, and the clutch chatters soooo bad, it's embarrasing.

I pulled the cover and the pressure plate, the steel plates are brown, so there burning up,

my question is this,,,, is there supposed to be alot of oil in the clutch????, because when I took everything out, there was barely any oil at all in the disks or basket, I pulled the oil filter out, and it's not plugged at all

plz help guys

Running a 426 low on oil won't hurt your clutch. Its a dry sump system that circulates oil from the oil tank. When the engine is running there is less than a cup of oil in it. When you check your oil you should just make sure its on the dip stick, because the level isn't that important, just as long as you can see it somewhere on the dip stick.

You said you installed a 2001 Yamaha clutch. Did you also put in the wave washer and the flat washer? They would have been put in before any of the new plates. They lay flat on the clutch boss.

What oil are you using?

Try changing to the YamLube. My brother's 426 was chattering so he changed from one of the Synthetics back to YamLube and it went away.

Maybe worth a try.

My 426 chatters sometimes cold and hot and I'm using Mobil racing 4t. My next change will be to YamLube to see what happens.

that was my next question, how about oil, i'll try the yamalube, and btw, there is no flat washer or wave washer on the clutch boss before the clutch disks. I guess i'll ask about that at the dealer tomorrow. thanx for the response, i'll keep you informed

there is no flat washer or wave washer on the clutch boss before the clutch disks.

To convert your clutch to the 01 style you need to get the 2 washers and the first fiber plate (nearest the boss).

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