Psssttt ... Hick & JBM

Hey guys I finally responded to your earlier posts in the "Titanium or Aluminum?" thread...check it out.


Just saw the post. I'd be up for some riding either where I'm at or at your place. I have a YZ 426 with the stock tank so I won't have the range you do, but whatever we can do would be cool. When you get back we'll have to try to arrange something. E-mail me any time.


I ride that area a lot but I've never done the whole loop that the race is run on, mainly because I'm usually riding alone and wouldn't want to get stuck out there. I've been meaning to run it but a guy that I ride with has been gone all summer.

Anytime you guys feel like riding in this area let me know and I'd be up for any other get together as well.

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