crooked front tire?

I was looking over my 2002 wr426 after a hard ride this past weekend. I noticed that the front tire is crooked. i thought maybe it was just the fender playing tricks on me so i removed it and sat on the bike and looked down at the front tire. when the when the bars and tripple clamps are straight the tire angles to the left about 1-2" . I recently removed the forks and changed the fork seals. did I reinstall them wrong??? please help


thanks, I will loosen everything up and try that..

I lossened everything up and compressed the forks a few times to help align the wheel. then I tightened the axle, then the two clamp bolts on each side. it did help alittle bit but it is still slightly angles to the left. any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks!!

Go through all of that again, only this time after you get it all loosened up stand in front of the bike with the front wheel between your feet. Use your legs to hold the wheel and turn it back straight to begin with. Then seat your axle and forks in the clamps by bouncing the front end again and you should be good to go. Sometimes if they are too far off then you have to give them a little help to get back right again. Hope this helps.


thanks Josh. it is alot better now. I took it for a ride yesterday and it seems to be running staight. thanks for the help. vince

Not a problem, glad I could help.

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