2007 YZ450 Soon To Be In My Garage!

Holdbacks and flooring assistance are two of the biggies. These are paid by the dealer when he buys the bike, but paid back to the dealer when it's sold. It works like a rebate. If I buy a copy of Turbo Tax and PAY $39, and then send in the $15 rebate form, I PAID $39 for the software, but it COST me $24. So, if I turn around and sell it for $1 over the invoice showing what I paid for it, $40, I just made $16. Simple as that.

Thanks, Thats good info. I worked at a dealer, and they never mentioned that. Even now with sponsorship, and selling bikes for them sometimes they never told me about that. Now I understand why they let me sell bikes to my friends for invoice. I thought it was just because I bought 5 bikes in the last yr there. Oh well, they are happy, I am happy. And mom just got a atv at invoice, so she's happy too:thumbsup:

i just picked up an 07 brand new in NY for 5479 otd. i know they were making money off it because they didn't have it in stock and they had to have one located and trucked over. it took 7 days to get the bike rips though. i stopped at a local dealer on the way home to get some no toil and they had a used 06 kx450 for sale for more than what i paid for my new 07 yamaha. now i just have to sell my 06

I worked at a dealer, and they never mentioned that.
Gee, I wonder why not? :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

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