kx100 vs kx125

whats the differance between a kx 85 or kx 100? Im looking in to a 2-stroke 125, but started looking at the 100. Would the kx100 keep up with a crf250? What mods can you do to this bike, besides the basic pipe and bars. I was thinking like oversize tank and such.

The kx100 would definetally not be able to keep up with a 250 four stroke. The closest thing that would be able to these days would be a yz125, even that would have a hard time with a 250f, depending on the rider ofcourse.

It really all comes down to your riding skill, weight, and height.

The 125 w stroke ad the 250 2 strokes make about the same power. The 250 thumper makes ALOT broader power. If you need to ride slow the 250f is way better. If you are WOT all the time nothing sings like a 2 stroke. No real difference. The 250f is easier to ride on an MX track so it would be an advantage there.

If you mean keep up as in all out drag, rev to the moon and dump the clutch start race it would likley be a push. One does not significantly out power the other in that regard. COracer15 is right about that, it really all comes down to your riding skill, weight, and height in that specific case.

If you had to have one bike in that size I'd probably take the 250F if they were the same price. Unless maintenance cost is an issue then I'd stay 2 stroke.

Good luck!

How tall are you?

no the 100 would defanintly not keep up with a 250F. but if you do some mods and jet the 100 right it would keep up with a 125. my KX 100 has a pipe, reeds, and has been rejeted and it blows by a 125 (stock).

The 125 has a 25cc larger engine and makes about 10 hp more. It has taller seat and wights about 50 pounds more.

i cant keep up with a 250f.. like ui can get the whole shot but when it comes to straight aways i loose terribly

I had a kx100

and it wood keep up with a 250f

i raced my bro and he has a yz125

and i was in front utill about 4th gear

but the 125 smoked it in the topend

i hada pipe and a farely new piston

thats it.

its a good bike

if u r a begginer go 100

if u hav been riding

go with the 125

i had a pro rider ride my bike around a track and he said it pulled like a 125

it depends how much u weigh and how tall u r 2

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