Im going to get a new bike

Im going to be buying a new bike and am thinking 2007-2008 yamaha 450 or 2007 honda

What are the advantages and weakpoints of each. So far Im leaning twords the 2007 yamaha yz450f, it looks sweet in white with pro tapers, excels, wave discs after market exhaust etc. the only yamaha Ive ridden has been a 2003 yz250 2 stroke, I liked it. havent riden a yamaha four stroke though. I have ridden a few honda 450r's, liked them. how do the two bikes compare to each other, yzf vs honda?:thumbsup:

I can talk about it for page after page, and in the end, there is one very certain way for you to know: ride one. If you are on the fence at all, one ride on a properly set up (sag and suspension close to right, with the right tires on it) YZ450 is all it will take.

There is, in my admittedly biased, and far from humble opinion, little to nothing that the Honda does better.

I know one thing Yamaha does better... they can build one heck of a reliable, bulletproof machine. Honda is yet to prove they can do the same IMO

They both handle well and have good power.Best way for you to decide is to get out and ride both.

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