South Carolina Ride (wamba cycle trail)

To all who are planning to go South Carolina on the 6,7,8,th of Oct. please let me know.

I need to know how many trail maps to bring and who is planning to come for my final head count. :)




Count me in!! :)

Me too, assuming I get this motor done!


The guy you always chase on a track}:-) and yes, the guy you roost in the woods!


86TT225, 98CR80, 99WR, WR timing, throttle stop trimmed, air box lid removed, White Bros head pipe, silencer and air filter. Odometer and headlight removed. Moose hand and mud guards. YZ stock tank and IMS seat. Renthal Jimmy Button "highs" and Renthal Soft half waffle grips. AMA, SETRA.


The ranger service requires the use of a sa, but I've been going for 5 years now and haven't had any problems with the rangers (stock pipe, no s.a.). Two strokes are welcome, we will have some there from our group. We'll deal with the gas issue when we get there (long loops). The only thing I would recommend you have for the woods is some hand guards (the trees "bite") :).

You may want to bring extra water to rinse off with, there are no facilities other than a porta john.

call me if you want to talk 252-827-2214



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I am going! To ride in this forest does your bike need anything special? Like SA. I am going possibly a friend with a 2stroke if thats allowed. If not Ill be there by myself.


As much as I hate to say this, I am not going to make the ride. Thanks to a tree that thought I should lay up for a few weeks with splint on my hand. Yes, another tree jumped out in front of me!!! This time I was in a good wind out of 3rd gear when I hit a rock and shot me straight into the tree. My plan is to be in shape to make the Cherokee Hare Scramble on 10/15. You guys rip it up and keep it on the tires. Let us know how it went afterwards.


Chillydogg / Georgia


Sorry to hear about your attempts at being a "termite", :(but I know how you feel. I did the same thing in SC.(Wamba) and dislocated my shoulder, couldn't ride for three months.

That bit the big one.

Well take care of that hand and avoid those "mobil" trees in GA. :)

Let me know what series your racing and maby I can make one when my season is over.




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