Trip Computers

Has anyone got an ICO trip computer fitted to their WR to replace the standard tripmeter. Are they any good. Does anyone know the cost of them in the USA. Here in Australia the importer wants $588.00 for one.Its a bit expensive to buy down under.

Cheers, AMTRA, Aussie.

I'v used the ICO AutoCal speedometer/odometer on all of my bikes including the WR. Scott Hoge also uses a ICO unit on his WR. Since my bike is street legal and a I dual sport ride alot I need accurate mileage and speed. The ICO auto Cal provides both. In the USA the AutoCal goes for about $165 US. visit ICO at

and checkout their stuff.



Would you post WHERE we can find the Cateye. I've been looking for something to replace that silly odo that comes with the bike. The Cateye fits the bill!!


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air filter, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan; soon to have Damper because I keep crashing (like it's going to help!). . .

Its just a bicyle computer. Any bike shop will have them in stock.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

which kit are you using to mount the pickup & display?


I've had the Cateye Enduro II installed on my '00 WR for almost 4 months now, and can attest that it works great. Here's a couple of tricks I did that made for a bombproof installation:

1) I used two small "rare earth" magnets (available at radio shack's, etc.) for mounting directly on the front brake disc. I epoxied the first magnet on, and then just let the 2nd magnet stick itself onto the first. I needed the second magnet for closing the gap to the sensor. I've been through some really nasty stuff, and the magnets haven't budged--they're extremely strong, and they're so small that you hardly even see them! They're only about $2.

2) To protect the sensor wire, I ran it up the brake cable, and then used a 3 ft. piece of black heat shrink tube for a sleeve and slid this over the brake line and sensor wire (remove brake line at caliper). Shrink it up, and it makes for a very clean installation, and really helps protect the sensor wire. Can't remember, but I think I got this idea from one of Clark's post awhile back. Also, make sure you leave enough sensor wire up by the handlebars/computer so the suspension can go through its entire travel limits without putting a strain on the sensor wire.

3) A couple of times I had a problem where the display went dead on a couple of rides. I traced the problem to excess vibration causing the battery to short out between the lower batt. contact. All I did to fix it was place a small piece of closed-cell foam under the spring mounted battery contact to keep constant pressure on the battery in the rough stuff -- problem solved.



What's the max speed on the Cateye? I bought a Sigma Sport 800 because it goes to 183 mph (still looking for the mods to make the WR go that fast..rocket pack?).

When I bought mine, it was one of the few bicycle computers that displayed over 50-60 mph.

It's a fun and sometimes useful toy for under $20


I wonder if the Cateye 2 cordless would make life easier. . .of course it's $69, but then that's cheap compared to Yami parts!! :)


'00 WR; YZ modified, DSP exhaust system & UNI air filter, Jetting by the firm of Clark, James & Bryan; soon to have Damper because I keep crashing (like it's going to help!). . .

Have you considered a handheld GPS? I have over 2000 miles on my `98 WR400 with a Garmin GPS III Plus attached to the handlebars. It has all the trip computer functions plus the map display (for folks like me that are directionally impaired). You can get some of the older Garmin GPS II Plus GPS models without the map feature used for under $200 (US) on Ebay.

Two things I might add. One, none of the bicycle computers are resetable to a different mileage such as in a reset in a dual sport. Two, wireless computers won't work because of radio disturbance from the spark plug! If anyone does know of a resetable bike comp. let me know as I ride a coverted YZ 465. Lee NY

I too run the Sigma. I have a cateye on my mountain bike that is limited to 60mph, so beware if you want more speed than that (neccesity for dual sport IMO).

There have been several posts indicating that the wireless types don't work on an MC due to the electrical interference from Ignition / Spark. Some of them don't even work that well on a bicycle.......

Apparently you guys who have run the Bicycle speedos have had OK reliability?.... I had one on a CR250 in '95' and it only lasted a month before it started to give all kinds of weird readings my 5.9 mile practice loop became 38 miles or 3 miles.... or it would go blank... then a week later it it would read 5.9 again... that was a Vetta brand... and a friend at the same time had another brand bicycle speedo that did the same thing........ I figured it couldn't take the shock or the moisture.... though my bicycle has no front susp. and I've had it for years with no probs.... How long have yours been in use?

Actually I posted that before reading all your replies... and maybe my prob was the batt getting loose inside.... still got it.... maybe I'll try it again.

I'v tried the Bicycle units but for me they are too hard to read quickly. The ICO is no more difficult to install than a Cateye!! and they are bulletproof easy to read and I must admit expensive. I have developed a super sano installation technique I'v used for the past 10 yrs with ICO's some of the dual sport community even paid me to install them on their bikes. I'll stick with what works and is reliable over a period of years for now. If a better cheeper and just as easy to read replacement comes alone I will of course switch but not yet as the Bycicle stuff is too hard to read and not as robust.


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Oh sure, after I've invested in an ICO (sometime ago for an ATK) and then a Pacemaker (not so long ago) someone comes along with a better idea. :)

Geoff, are you with Nashbar? :D

If so, how do I have you make a bracket for my WR??

So far when I'm on the road I just take my chances as to MPH and the police. :D


Thanks for the input on the Topeak I will check it out when I need a new set up.


Geoff; were do I find any information on this Topeak computer you talk about.

Cheers; AMTRA, Australia.

Hey Geoff,

That looks great. Would you mount that between the triple clamps. The speedo looks cool and has all you need at a glance. Do you think its as reliable as the cateye you've been using. Could you construct me a cable for my '99 WR, I would like it in black. How much? And where should i send it? Thanks

Howdy boys! Im just crossing over from the DRZ forum. It seems like you guys have figured out something that we are just beginging to look at. I like the ICO.s just dont want to fork out $170 for the thing. I have heard of bicycle computers being used, but I was concerned with mounting and protection of the wire. I like the size of the panoram computer, I was wondering Geoff, if you could fab a mount for a 00 DRZ400???


'00 DRZ E

Where is the kickstart on this thing....


Are the sensor head/cables interchangeable between computer brands?


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