650r freshen up

Hi All, I'm giving the big girl a top end freshen up now that she has 28000 klms and I would appreciate some advice from those who have gone before me. My thinking is to drop in a 102mm Wiseco piston and sleeve without doing any other serious mods, I have the option of 10:1 or 11:1, anyone had problems with the 11:1, pingng etc?

I was also thinking about changing to a less restrictive flame mesh and the side cover mod, but if the gain is only marginal I won't bother - worthwhile or not? Of course she already has the usual derestriction mods and a Ballards HD clutch.

Thanks Ian

I would recommend opening up the side cover, your not getting more horse but it does help with throttle response. As for the comp., I don't know anyone personally running 11:1, but from what I understand it's recommended that you run race gas or octane boost beyond 10:1. You may want to consult one of the companies that race prep bikes with the higher comp and get their advice. Oh, and if the mesh you mentioned is the stock screen; I would definitely toss it. Try blowing compressed air through and see how much comes out the other side:banghead: Just my 2 cents

Thanks for your response DC.

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