Place to order EKN needle?

I am going to try the EKN needle that James Dean is suggesting. I put in an order from North County Yamaha in San Diego. They said it is order from Japan and will take 14 days to get here. They also indicated that they have checked other shops?

Any other suggestions. Maybe a carb parts warehouse. Thanks


I also placed an order about 4 days ago with for a EKN needle

I got an e-mail that the needle is on back order. We are probably all in the same boat.

Sudco may have the brass version of this in stock for half the price. OCEMN is brass.

OCEMN is 1 clip leaner than OBEKN.

EKN#3 = EMN#4

EKN#4 = EMN#5

Sudco is at 1-800-998-3529

Yamaha, Sudco, and Carb Parts Warehouse ( ) are the only sources that I know of for the E-- needles.

Does anyone else have another sources?

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