IMS vs Clarke tank. What do you think?

Debating, I can get both of them in Black, and the IMS is about $15 more expensive. What do you guys think of the two? Thanks,


99 yz400f

I posted about the IMS a little over a year ago when I put mine on, so its all a little fuzzy now. But a search came up with lots of comparisons, including mine.

I've had the 3.1 gal. IMS since April '06 with no problems since installation. The only problems during installation were that in order to use the stock fuel line you have to turn the petcock backwards. I like it facing out, just like stock, so I got a longer fuel line. But I have since learned from Gray that " Use the petcock from an '03-5 yz. The fuel outlet faces the other way. That or get one for a WR '03-06 and you gain a reserve capability as well. Actually that is the same petcock for a number of years/bikes TT-R, WR. The part number is 2GU-24500-02-00 retail is around $20 from your local yamaha dealer. It fits the IMS tank perfect and turns the outlet around to face the back of the bike. Thats what I put on mine".

The petcock itself wouldn't seal to the tank, it leaked gas after installation. Upon further inspection you could see that where the petcock mounts to the tank wasn't perfectly flat. General design flaw or just my tank or petcock, I don't know. Some oil/gas gasket paste fixed it. The first picture is the stock compared to the IMS.




hey dylan, i just put an ims on my 99 yz400f and really like it. it is 3.4g i think. The only thing I don't like is the pet cock is on the right hand side instead of lh so the hose has to go across to the lh side to the carb, and the ims tank only uses 1 mounting bracket to the frame. Seems to be pretty stable mounted up.

on another note... I had bought an acerbis tank used, also 3.4g. It used 2 pet cocks, they screwed in with like sheet metal screws in to the plastic tank. the ims i bought uses brass looking inserts in the tank to hold the petcock on, much better. Also with the acerbis tank, the choke knob was under the lip of the tank and hard to get to. With the ims that is not a problem. I am thinking my fuel range with the 3.4g is now somewhere close to 55 to 60 miles. I ran 40 two weeks ago and drained 1.5g back out.

hope this helps. in the pix in my garage there are pixs with small and big tank.


Gray your not setting a very good example. Check your link.

Gray your not setting a very good example. Check your link.

Interesting little glitch that was. Fixed now. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the help guys, I'll be sure to use the search function next time!

So it looks like the IMS is the preferred. Now I have to bite the bullet and spend the $200 on one! My bike needs a tank and all new plastics, so I really have my heart set on all black.

Thanks again,


I have the IMS on my '06. I did run into one small hitch while mounting the tank but it actually turned out for the better IMO.

When I attached the rear mount of the tank to the frame it left a gap in the front between the mounting bracket and the tank like the tank was too far option was to bend the front mounting bracket to make it reach (but then the angle would be off and it wouldn't be a clean mount) or add spacers. I added spacers to the front bracket:


My other option would have been to add the spacers between the tank and the rear bracket....the reason I did it in the front was so that I would have a little more clearance between the tank and the radiators for better airflow at slow technical speeds. The downside to the way I did it is that because the tank is mounted slightly rearward that it is a little tricky to get the seat on all the way...but it works. The shrouds line up perfectly this way also, had I moved it forward I dont think the shrouds would fit as well.

Overall I am very happy with the tank and the way it fits and sits on the bike. I had no issues with the petcock leaking and having it mounted with the lever inboard doesn't cause any problems using it as there is plenty of clearance to get your finger in there to turn the gas on/off.



I run Clarke and love em. I had one on my WR and now I have one on my YZ. Fit is perfect, finish is great and service is awesome. What more could you want.

I run Clarke and love em. I had one on my WR and now I have one on my YZ. Fit is perfect, finish is great and service is awesome. What more could you want.

Is it the 2.6 gallon or the 3.2?

And what year YZ? 450?

I went with the Acerbis 3.3 on my 01 426 and love it. I got the blue with the aluminum collar which can be converted to a quick fill. Fit is perfect. I got the blue which matches my bike perfectly and I would do it again. I'm never the guy wondering if he's running out of gas on long rides which is a nice feeling after that stock tank! The only thing I can say is that the valve 'handles' are plastic and i broke one...but then I never use them both anyway. I just leave one on and consider the other side my manual reserve!

I run the clarke 3.4 gal natural, it raises the front of the seat a little but it hasn't caused any issues, it is nice on long rides having not to worry about making it back to camp or helping out some one when the tanker pulls up:ride:

I just bought the IMS 3.1, mostly because I think they look better. Installed a 05 petcock so it is going the right direction, I think I'm going to love it!

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