looking for advise

I am interested in buying a wr400 and dont know much about buying a bike. could anyone tell some things too look for so I wont be as nieve as I look. Where should I look for wear and damage? Anything will help I really am new to this.


I heard that the oil filter is hard to get to so make sure the previous owner still got to it enough like look for wear on the bolts or something. Also I dont know if makes a difference really but look for one of those hub pillows


What is a hub pillow?


I will assume you are buying used…

Something that I often look at is the kickstarter. The WR/YZ (like many bikes) have a pad on the lever where it contacts the footpeg mount at the bottom of its stroke. These bikes get kicked more than a two stroke ( :)) but if the guy says less than 10 hours and this pad is worn all the way you know he is full of it. I have had my 426 for 8 months or so and this pad is about 80% worn flush.

Another thing is brake pads. It takes a good amount of riding to significantly wear these, especially on the rear. Mine are not noticeably thinner than new ones. You may also take a gander at the lower frame tubes, hard motocrossing tends to result in flattened or bent tubes. Any amount of normal riding will take off most of the paint here, though.

As far as things specific to WR/Yzs you will appear knowledgeable (and not naïve) if you ask the previous owner:

1) how often they changed the oil and if they changed/cleaned filter every time

2) when they last checked or changed the valve clearance

3) if they greased swingarm, pivots and steering bearings and how often

Good answers to these questions would be:

1) every few rides, new or well cleaned filter every change or at least every other

2) if the bike is under a year old with normal use I wouldn’t expect that the valves have needed adjustment yet. If the guy never checked it and his kickstarter is pretty worn then move on.

3) Every month or few months (less in a dry climate). If never then see #2

You can push down on the seat and if you feel or hear any clunks or squeaks in the rear suspension then they probably didn’t know about #3. Replacing all those bearings is expensive.

Hope this helps!

I was talkin about a rear hub cush drive. I never used one on my xr but somepeople say they are needed.

i'm in the same boat as you ndmking

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