mods on a wr450 2004 model

having a wr450 totally standard i havent done any mods do to just getting it and not use to the bike not riden in 5 years since my cr125 94 model big differance o yeah. its street legal just moted it last week first mot only 3 year old now. its a uk bike and im unsure about what mod's to do. i change my oil every 5 hours and its not hard riding.was going to buy a 06 model first looked nice untl the seller said he change the oil every 25 hours mad man like. few of my mates have 426's thats why i wanted a wr great toys like. sadly my mates yz426 just been stolen by scum :thumbsup:

thanks for any info you can give me

Here is what my 04 has and it is a great bike -


YZ cam

YZ throttle stop

opened up airbox

re-routed the crank case vent to the airbox

grey wire mod

pulled the pea shooter out of the exhaust

jd jetting kit

scotts oil filter


Revalved suspension

heavier springs on forks/shock

air cells

Fastway lower position pegs

BRP/Scotts submount (increase height 2")

CR high bend pro tapers

Guts racing tall seat

cyrca hand guards

Maxis Desert IT tire

This is a near perfect setup for the 04 WR (for me at least) :thumbsup:

yah, I forgot about those too

Pretty important items......especially the tubes.

hi guys weres the grey wire located and what are uhd tubes

thanks for help not been on comp in a bit

The uk bikes don't have the gray wire mate!

As for mods - I have ordered a JD jet kit and have an FMF system to slap on mine.......will let you know if it makes noticeable difference if you like?

what are uhd tubes
Ultra Heavy Duty. It's pretty hard to flat them.

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