which aftermarket seat to buy??

after logging 220 miles on my 650r the other day ( all street no dirt, twisties and some highway) my but deserves more pampering.( doesnt everyones?)

Searchign thru this forum i find these 2 mentioned( therr is another higher priced option which i won.t consider)

1 gutsracing...


seems people think the tall height /med foam works best..

is that correct?

2 http://www.saddlemen.com/dualsportindex.html

some people also swear by this.

Any thoughts pro or con for either?

After sittign on my freinds

DR 650 motard seat. i was extremly jealous

I'd liek to get thing thing ordered asap. so any input is appreciated!

thanks guys!

I have the BD tall soft, night and day difference from the stocker. Just make sure if you go with the tall you have long enough legs to handle the added height.

I also have the BD tall seat. I have ridden 1200 off road miles in a week with out any real issues. Maybe a little soreness. It is best to just wear bike shorts underneath your riding pants.

That Saddleman seat looks like it has all the features you would want, except one I did not see the XR650R listed.

I have a Gutsracing tall seat and foam came with the ride so know idea if it is a med or soft.

I would have to say just get the Gutsracing seat and foam med or soft should work very well.

I am hoping to do a little 500 mile loop in three days of riding this weekend.

Two hundred mile rides in one day have been no problem.

You can also try a sheep skin cover for long rides like that. I didn't think much of them untill a two day ride over 500 miles. Didn't completly save me but really helped.

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