Fork springs for sale


I have a set of Eibach .43 fork springs for sale that will fit the WR or YZ line of bikes.

I wouldn't recommend them for anyone under 150lbs, unless you're looking for a very soft ride.

I paid $79 for them from Race Tech, used them once, and will sell them for $40.

Reach me on the forum or at the e-mail address below.


Dave, this may be a stupid question but are they softer or harder than stock and what is stock? Im 230# and Im definatly in the market for something stiffer.

If it fits my bill, I might be intrested.



Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Stock is .46 in the us, .42 (I think) in Europe.

Most suspension tuner consider the fork springs on the stiffer side. I believe they are the same springs as on the YZ.

For somebody of 230#'s you may/should get a stiffer rear spring.

I believe the stock fork springs are a 0.46 spring rate so these springs would be lighter. I run 0.43 with revised valving and a higher oil level. I about 220 and trail ride only no motocross.



Sounds like you have the answer. I think 230 is a little much for a .43 spring, but if I don't get any takers, I'll send em your way and you can try them out, and then you can either pass them on or toss em.


Race Tech recommended .43 for me and I am 165 lbs. So I run them with the re-valve and oil level at 95. I do both trails and tracks. I love it.

Well, if the .43 is softer than the .46 then it probably wouldnt do me any good. Im presently running YZ springs in my forks and I need to go stiffer than that. But thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

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