KLR300R Jetting Questions???

My dad picked up a 2001KLR300 we removed the end cap on the exhaust and removed the snorkel out of the air cleaner. The bike ran great on top but lost some of the bottom and developed a mid rpm hesitation.One of the teks at the Kawasaki shop said you have to drill out a cap that hides the idle mixture screw is this true? Any jetting/clip positions would be greatly appreciated :) WE ride @ 2-6000ft and the jetting is stone stock( I don't even know what jets are in it at this time.) thanks,Huge

I had a KLR250 (I think you meant KLX300 ??),

It had the same sh&*^y carb on it. Yes, you do have to drill out a osft metal cover to adjust the pilot. It is the capped off extrusion on the front of the carb. All you have to do is drill a small hole in the middle, then pry it out with an awl.

A friend recently bought one, he immediately removed the airbox cover and exhaust insert. Ir ran lean as hell. I raised the needle one notch and it seemed to really help the bike- a lot !!! Be sure to check the air filter, it came dry from the factory which will make the problem worse. It still has a hard starting problem, like 5-10 kicks when warm. There is also a jet kit for the bike, maybe a wise investment??

On my KLR, I shimmed the needle and raised the main to a 127.5 after freing the airbox and adding a supertrapp. I would imagine a little bigger than this would suffice for the KLX.

Good luck

Yes that is KLX300R. We tried removing the airbox lid but the bike wouldn't run past idle. so we removed the snorkel out of the air box lid which left about a two inch by three inch opening in the air box lid.I was hoping someone had already sorted out the jetting and had the fix that it needs.This is the first bike that I really noticed the change of powerband with the minimal mods. Unlike my YZ400 that seems to run fine with E-series ex. and stock jetting. Thanks for the help I will try and remove the cap so we can adjust the air mixture screw if all else fails I can try to talk to Kawasaki but they want you to bring the bike to them so they can make their $60 bucks an hour, for that price I,d feel better paying CLARK Mason or James Dean at least I'd know the job was done right :) Thanks again for the help! Clark have you jetted YZ400's if so let me know i'd like to talk to you about any recomendations and possibly meeting with you at Gorman for test ride to see what you think... let me know if you are interested Huge...

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