No Go on AFAM sprocket/chain deal

Hi Kevin,

After discussing your proposal, we've decided that as the North american distributors for AFAM Sprockets that it wouldn't be fair to our dealer network to sell our products in the proposed fasion.

The only discount program we do support is our racer support program which some of your members may be elgible for by submitting a resume.

We appreciate your inquiry,

Steve Tyler

I guess that they do not care if we buy rental, talon etc.....oh well, their loss.......

What a surprise from this group of money hungry Neirdewells.... :)

Their product is no better than the other guy's anyway.

Bonzai :D

Originally posted by snomoboy:

I disagree. I think that it is a noble thing that they are watching out for the dealers. I think that if you guys would hit up the dealers about these bulk buys, we would be more than happy to help you out. I'm a dealer and a fellow Yamaha 250Fer. Just shoot me an email and I'll see what I can do.


Yep, I agree. They have to protect their dealer network.

You Know...The problem I have with protecting the Dealer network is that two Local dealers in particular that I have used mark "everything" up 30-50%....I've caught them at it numerous times.

I don't think that a 10 to 20% discount based on a 50% initial mark-up is any kind of a deal to begin with. :)

I get much better pricing from internet marketers such as MXSouth.... :D


Bonzai :D

or from rocky mountian ATV. they have such cheap prices. tons cheaper then the dealer network.

The dealer network is no different than any other retail establishment with 30-50% margins being the norm. Margins are typically higher for products that range in size, i.e. you will pay higher margins in a shoe store because they need to carry all sizes and have limited shelf space, but expect to pay less margin for a one size fits all product.

The lower prices mail order and internet businesses charge are usually due to lower overhead, i.e. facility, employees, marketing etc.

If you were a manufacturer who had a dealer network that paid 90%-100% of your bills would you risk any portion of that for a one time order of maybe 100-1000 units? The same argument applies to why companies like Oakley, Merril, Fox etc do not sell their stuff to Costco, Sam's Club etc, because the day a palette of goods shows up on the floor at a large wholesaler at a lower price point than Nordstroms is charging the manufaturers phones start ringing with threats.

I'm all for getting the best deal possible out there, and go to great lengths to save a couple bucks, just wanted to play devil's advocate regarding "channel conflict."


Then it would make more sense to go after a deal with an internet marketer. I know if I call MXSouth and say, and so has the same item for lets say 40 bucks, Jeff at MXSouth will say... I'll let you have it for 36 bucks, and I know he's still making something off the deal...he's just not sticking it too me until it hurts.

That's the kind of deals we should be going after. Some of these Freaks hear we have a 5000 member base and all they want to do is roll out a 50 gallon drum of booty lube....

Bonzai :)

i need to know where i can get a 50 gallon drum of booty lube. Works good on chains

Bonzai and his "Booty Lube" what a combo!!!! :)

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