Exhaust Gasket

I've sold my stock pipe and I have a new FMF MegaMax II on the way. I pull my stock pipe tonight and I noticed a gasket pressed into the end of the stock pipe. Am I going to need that with my new pipe? Am I going to have to buy another from Yamaha? Will the new pipe come with everything? I look forward to your response. :)

You won't be able to get the old gasket off without destroying it. Order a new one, aftermarket pipes do not come with gaskets :)

I live in Austalia. When I purchased my FMF Mega Max 11 it came with everything except for the rubber spacers that stop the side plate from rubbing on the side of the muffler. The stock muffler has one but the FMF requires two. You can order from Yamaha for $3AUD. If you dont't use the extra rubber the alloy bracket that is welded to the muffler that holds the second rubber will rub through the side plate.

The MegaMax II exhaust system I got came complete with everything you need as far as spacers go. It came with two spacers one for use with the stock headpipe and one for use with a FMF ceramic coated header. The megamax II is only a little bigger than the stock headpipe so the spacer provided is nowhere near as thick as the stock gasket. Everything bolted up just fine.

I sold this system to Robin in Canada last year.


Good call Jamie.

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