Low fender for increased air flow. Dumb idea?


I live in the Middle East and own a 2004 XR650 and was thinKing of putting a low front fender on it to increase the airflow to the radiators. Think it would help? Any suggestions for "good looking" low front fender?



Could try a supermotard front fender. They're smaller, as they don't have to keep mud off of anything. Or cut the rear of the fender a few inches shorter. It's on Scott Summer's list of mods, but for the XR600R. Might work for the 650. I can't remember where I saw it, but someone out there makes an electric cooling fan kit. It might have been on here. Might want to do a search. Do you have a coolant catch can? It'll help in case you boil some off, when it cools down it will go back into the system. Prevent it from running with less than it was intended to.

Steve, is your 650r overheating? I'm guessing where you live it gets real hot, but probably not much hotter than the Western American desert in summer. I have rode on many 100+ degree days in all sorts of terrain and never had an overheating problem (well I have, but the bike hasen't). What sort of jetting and mods on your bike?

My bike is stock. never corked though, as I bought it in Dubai. No problem with overheating. Just thought I could keep the engine a little cooler.

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