tilt-a-rack bike carriers

Has anyone had any experience with the one or two bike carriers that fit in a class 3 reciever? If so how do you rate them?

I don't particularly like the ones that mount off a single 2" receiver - just too much mass >>> too much moment arm. I've seen the left overs of one failing - not a pretty picture. Two bikes on one of these can only be worse - >500 lbs of tongue wt isn't going to be a good thing.

If you can find one for a single bike that mounts to the hitch at two points then I'd consider it. In fact, I'm thinking about making a dual point mount version so that I can haul my bike on the back of my CJ-7.


I've have thinking about getting one of these bike carriers for a couple of months now. They look so convenient but I never see people using them at the tracks.

It seems like the physics of the setup would cause trouble. A lot of stress on that one pivot point.

I have a single bike carrier and like it a lot. Great if you don't have room for the trailer. In terms of movement, you have two choices:

1. Drill and tap the female part of the reciever with a bolt. Tighten the bolt into the male end of the carrier to take the slack out.

2. If #1 is too much work, take a ratchet-style strap and tighten it up beween one side of the carrier and your hitch. This takes all the slack out and it doesn't move around.

Please share with me the problems you've found. I'd like to hear your horror stories.

I have a Motojack Rack. Expensive but very neat. It's easy to mount, load and unload. I had one custom made for my car. Let me tell ya, I get some strange looks from people when they see a motorcycle hanging off of the back of my car instead of a mountain bike! LOL It was definately cheaper to have a custom hitch and rack made than to buy a pickup.

The biggest drawback I can see is if I get a new vehicle I *might* have to get them to build a new part where the bike mounts.

I have a Moto-Tote. it seems to be strudiest of the single rail totes. I just picked up a hitch stabilizer from perfomance products for the swaying problem. I would not, however, recomend getting a two bike hauler.



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I have a bike hitch-mount caddy and to solve the loose twisty motion I had a nut welded to the rack and threaded a bolt through it, and I tighten it up against the edge of the receiver (after mounting it and putting in the hitch pin.) No more play or twisting.

I use my rack 1-2 times a week with no problems. Be sure to use an additional "safety" strap that goes from the back of the vehicle to the top-middle of the bike so just in case ,if one of your tie-downs lets go, the bike doesn't fall backwards off the rack. IMO, the moto-jack-rack is the best way to go though. Erik


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A friend of mine made one about 2 years ago, I used it a few weeks ago. It works very well, but you have to have a full size vehicle to use it. We tried it on the rear of a fifth-wheel camper trailer, it worked but it bounced quite a bit. I would also recommend more than just two tie-down straps.


I bought a receiver mounted single bike carrier from White Bros 2 years ago to haul my bike on my 5th wheel. It really swayed even with the supplied bolt clamp. I fixed the problem by drilling a hole on the bottom on each end of the rack and hitch. In each hole I put a big eye-bolt. Then I connected a huge turnbuckle on each end. After tightening, the rack was rock solid. People say I kind of over engineered the whole thing but it cost me less than $40 to do the whole thing.


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jamesD: if u read this, will u pls e-mail be at bfredette@phxcvb.org

i'm very interested in the motojackrack, have been to their web site & also spoke to them on the phone but would like a users point of view. i currently have a funky put-it-together-yourself 3-rail Scandia trailer which has worked o.k. til now w/some home improvements but would like to dump the bulky trailer if i can. Dirk Bike mag gave the motojackrack a good review recently as i recall. would appreciate talking to u more about it...thx in advance. bobwombat

The only rack worth having is one made under the name Hitch-It located in Costa Mesa California. It is top quality. I have purchased two racks and use three receivers on the back of my motorhome. The rack is modular so I can use one to carry a single bike or slip the second one in to add a second bike. The idea of three shanks for the three receivers is my idea, but like I mentioned it is modular and you can have one, two or three shanks. The whole system is rock solid. If you like I can email a photo, just post your email address. You can purchase it from Hitch Crafters in Costa Mesa. And no I do not get a commission I’m just a satisfied customer

Originally posted by bobwombat:

jamesD: if u read this, will u pls e-mail be at bfredette@phxcvb.org

I hear ya. You can email me at JamesD@iname.com with any questions about the Motojack Rack.

I would like to say that their customer service needs some work. They seem to be a mom-n-pop shop and the person I needed to speak with on a couple occasions was "out testing".

Purchased the Motojack 3 and love it. The only problem I had was with the frame on my Dakota. It was week enough that on my 1st trip to So Cal it actaully bent. Had the frame reinforced and it works great! Have made 3 trips to California and it is mush better than hauling a trailer, also allows me to keep the canopy on for storing and locking my gear and tools. It is worth the investment.

Hi Peterson of CA.

I would like to see the picture of your modular rack set up.

Please email me at canney@mallardnet.com


Chas of TX


I am building a three receiver bike rack. I want to use it for two bikes. But I am not sure if the weight will cause too much lift on the front end for my Tundra to handle. I would like to see your rack also. My email address is tdarragh@hotmail.com.


I have a "home-made" one that is so over durable that it is a son-of-a-* to move around or store in my garage....... I have been considering the one that the TT Store features. Have any of you guys seen or considered it? See if this link works...... sarge industries

check this out:


bought one last fall. super sturdy unit, has one feature that most competitors do not have:

*visible brake lights* :naughty:

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