Wr400 F (p - 2002)

I have a WR400F (2002 - P) and am wonderin will parts such as chain and front/rear sprocket, oil filter, air filter, from a 2001 fit on no problem? If not what other year WR parts will fit?

aren't 01 and 02's all 426?


I would not recommend that you reused parts such as the chain, front/rear sprockets, and oil filter. I my be wrong, but I got the impression from your post that you have access to a 2001 WR and was looking to salvage some parts. On the other hand, the only way to be sure the parts are compatible is to go to the microfiche, this can be done on the internet, and see if the part numbers match. If the part numbers are the same then the parts should be ok to use on your 02.

And, I also am under the impression that all 01s and 02s are 426 cc again I could be wrong...


2000 was the last 400. 01 saw the 426.

No I intend to get new parts but finding it hard to get them for a 2002 400, I have been told by the guys at my local dealer it is a 2002 and the V5 logbook says its a 400. Is there anywhere online I can check it as I know its wasnt registered as soon as it was bought

unless things are different there, on your headset, behind your forks, you will find a vin/year/make sticker. that will tell you the year. If it truely is a 2002, it is a 426. check there first

WR400s were sold in other parts of the world than North America after 2000.

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