Oh my God, Disasterous Moab news, for me!

Long story short: In March I submitted all my vacation requests for 2000. I get 11 days off every 6 week period. The admin chick was new and didn't know how to open up the document requests over the computer. She sent them back to me. I told her how to open them correctly and re-sent them to her. Our two week look ahead schedule came out and I am scheduled every day during my Moab vacation!!! I checked my hard copies of my vacation requests and didn't find that copy. I believe she missed my Oct vacation amidst all my requests. We are scheduled to shut down the (Nuclear) plant for re-fueling in Oct (after Moab). Because of this, Management will not honor any vacatiopn requests as of three weeks ago. I talked to my supervisor, who was UNSUPPORTIVE. I e-mailed the Operations Assistant Manager who is an avid biker (XR200).

Hopefully this will slide through!! We are severely shorthanded and have precious few people available to cover the open slots. There are a couple of guys that should be able to fill the gaps.

All I can do is wait and see! :)

Hey Kevvie,

There are many things you can do.

1. Be there

2. Make sure you are there

3. If you dont turn up, we will hunt you down

4. Blow up the plant. We dont need it anyway

5. I will tell your wife about your out of marriage affairs with your WR... You dirty dirty boy.. :)

6. They will call you stumpy if you dont turn up?

7. DSP Airbox, how much was that again? And does the lovely wife know?

8. We can blow up the plant for you.

9. Call in sick

10. Tell them you have already paid for the airfare, accomodation, freight, etc and then provide them with the bill.


If you count up EVERYTHING I have paid for the bike in the last year, plus throw in $600 (exagerated) for lodging, the total spent is $3000. I sent this figure to my Supervisor. I also mentioned I may have to give them my notice to quit...

I'll freak if this doesn't come through. I mentioned they had better not expect anything resembling work from me. My Supervisor mentioned the Company may be obligated to pay for my financial loss incurred!

Hopefully I'll know something either this morning, or tonight when I come back in for my second night of mid shift.

[This message has been edited by Kevin in New Hampshire (edited 09-28-2000).]

Sending out good, good, good, good vibrations.

Hey Kevvie,

Good luck old friend. Look at it this way, if they reimburse you, then you can go-ahead and buy yourself a set of OHLINs forks and rear shock.. WOOHOOOO. I would much prefer to spend the night with you in Moab though.... :)


Kevin - a word of advice from someone who works way too much and does not get to ride enough:

Go on the ride no matter what. It's all about priorities, man. Nuclear meltdown - who cares! It sounds like this Moab trip will be well worth it. Don't be like me and work 24/7 while the blue thing collects dust in the garage. It's a very bad thing.

Go and enjoy life. Opps - gotta get back to work now… :)

Kev its time to come clean with your boss, tell him about the tight metal band around your head, and the voices that tell you to do things, ooh dont forget to mention your large gun collection, and how you like to sit and clean them carefully for hours.

Or tell him you really need the time off to stalk your old boss who never let you have time off.

Don't forget that your previous job was at the post office,and that nervous twitch is coming back :)


That sucks! Believe me when I say this. Make your vacations in advance and that's that, rain or shine. I'm not trying to pressure you for Moab,(P.S. did you & Mitch reserve a separate room? p ), but there is never a good time to take a vacation. For an example, when my first daughter was born, I went to work the next day. I had this illusion that I had to be there, that the job couldn't go on without me, that my employer LOVED me. When my second daugter was born I had a different employer. I had seen the true love of my previous employer. I had a much better perspective. I took five days off to celebrate her birth. The best example I can give is, does your company's CEO reschedule his vacation? F*%^ no he doesn't. I crossed this bridge 5 years ago and I wish I had done it sooner! If you can learn by the mistakes of others you're ahead of the curve.


Your typing is looking a little peaked & it reads like you might be developing a little cough or maybe it's the sniffles. Could be serious - you know flu season is starting in the NE....

We'll see you in Moab - one way or another. Alien abductions are becoming more common these days.


Kev, if they are THAT short-staffed, the chances of them firing you for not showing up and going to Moab are pretty slim.


Bryan - Can I have a different condo than Kevin & Mitch? I'm scared :) & it's not because of snoring keeping me awake.

Can't wait to meet you guys in Moab - less than 1 week!!!!!!!


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