YZ250 two stroke forks vs. YZ 400 forks

Someone recently said that the YZ forks are too soft as well. Did they mean 2stroke or 4stroke forks or both? What is the difference between the two versions?I've either got to be convinced that the WR can be modified to jump well or give up on the WR for high altitude observations.

As far as I know the WR has the save forks as the YZ400. But the WR is definetly valved and sprung much softer. The WR can be valved to be as good or better than a YZ400 (as there is improvement to be found in the YZ400's forks).

As for comparing the YZ400 forks VS. the YZ250 forks, I would check with your local suspension guru. I suspect the YZ/WR400 forks are as capable as the YZ250's. There is also a good chance that they maybe identical, with just different springs and valving.

But even if the WR/YZ forks are as good as the YZ250's, lightness will probably prevail and make the YZ250 a better jumper.

WR's can jump!!!! I have seen first hand Silicon Mike getting sick air on his 2000WR landing now thats another story :)

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