Guess where I am

Hey All,

Imagine a tiny little island, known as West Island. This island is 11km long and about 1km wide, at it's widest point. 100 people live here. There is one pub, which is also the cyclone shelter. There is one place to eat, lovingly called the Mess. And that is about it.....

This Island is surrounded by a number of other islands. The weather is warm and sunny. The water is warm and crystal clear... and I AM BORED OUT OF MY #@&$@$! Mind!!!!!!

AGGGHHHHH.... I have hired a scooter to get around on and have learnt something about power... It is important. Riding a scooter on dirt/sandy roads, you realise that when it starts to slide, there is no power there to correct! So, you need to use balance and finess.... I would recommend riding scooters at Moab... :)



You need to become a scuba diver!

Hey Mike,

How are you doing? WE need to get together big time at Moab... I still owe you a huge lunch.. :)

I am very much looking forward to this trip..


Mitch you had better be describing your company's campus down in Silicon Valley 'cause you're supposed to be here this weekend.....

What are you're travel plans to get to Moab? Are you & Eli driving?


Tell me about it.

I was not supposed to be here, but we are understaffed. The worst part is that my company screwed up quite a few things, thus I had to fly down to the middle of God damned nowhere to get things going. Then , to make things worse, there are only 2 flights a week. It is 10:45pm and I have not really slept in the last three days trying to get everything finished by Saturday morning so I can fly home.... That will get me home by mid day Sunday. I willthen have to fly out on the wednesday to meet up with Eli.....

SIgned very pissed off, but still happy because I get to meet you guys....

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