Rear Brake Pivot Bolt - Backing Out

OK - So I see I have the same old problem on my 07' as I've had on all of my other WR's...... the rear brake lever pivot bolt backing out. Of course it won't back out all the way and fall out because of the safety pin through the inside end of it BUT it will back out and it will have a lot of impact on the response or amount of travel the rear brake lever will have to go....

Sure, you can tighten it every time it starts feeling loose but does anyone out there have a fix for this?


Put blue locktite on the threads of the bolt before installation.

Yep blue lock tite is the stuff you need. :thumbsup:

There is just enough room for a flat washer between the pin and the frame. Pull the pin, slide on a flat washer, put the pin back in and there won't be enough play for it to back out.

Locktite ROCKS!

I drilled a small hole in the back side of the lever and put in a grease fitting where the bolt has a relief groove. I have never had that problem. If the lever gets dry on the bolt or the O-rings it may back the bolt out as the lever returns by the spring pressure. :thumbsup: WR Dave.

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