Satan Ate My Panties!

Not really, just a good attention getter.

Question, I just ordered the IMS 3.3 gallon tank and seat combo, will my wr shrouds work or do I need to order new ones?

Also I can report the Thumper Racing 1.5" bar riser is excellent, I can now stand up with out having the bars touch my knees, or do the dreaded and exhausting lean back and pull on the bars position.

Last question this guy wants to sell me 2 Yamaha tt350 both 1986, both run, one runs strong the other occasionally cuts out at high rpm and a 3 rail trailer for $1850. I dont need the bikes but thinking of buying and selling to my friend who always want to ride my xr's but wont get off their lazy ass to buy their own bike. Does any one have experience with the tt350, are parts still available for them.

The WR shrouds "should" work, but I ordered the same tak for my 99 and the shrouds set about a inch too high on both sides to be bolted to the radiators. I was told later that the wr has wider radiators than the yz.

I ordered a clarke and it fits snug as a bug.


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

Hmmmm. . .

I just ordered new shroud plastic from Acerbis and the WR shrouds are the same part number as the YZ. But then that's Acerbis not Yamaha. . . . :)


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

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I installed the IMS 3.3 gal tank & Thumper rad guards at the same time on my '99 WR. I had to shave the stiffening rib on the inside of the shrouds to get everything to fit. Not sure if it was the tank or the shroud that caused the majority of the problem. All the bolts line up - but it does take a little bit of prodding.

I too can vouch for the Thumper risers. I currently have the +1" version but will have the +1.5" mounts on for Moab - installing my Scotts this weekend.


Originally posted by milkman2544:

I was told later that the wr has wider radiators than the yz.

I thought it was the other way around because they added an extra row to the 426 but I assumed not to the WR. Guards meant for a ’99 will not fit my 426 but are same PN as for the WR, but that is just Devol.

I installed Devol, IMS and UFO shrouds (couldn’t get the stock ones off the stock tank) at the same time. The lower bolt hole from the shroud to the (now) Devols didn’t line up perfectly but I realized later the shrouds were for a ’99 which had bolts going into rad.s at a different angle. But it was close enough and I didn’t have to remove the rib like a lot of others report. Don’t know why, maybe because they were ’99 shrouds.

Whatever, I mainly wanted to reply and say I’m glad your panties are still intact Oatmeal. :)

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Originally posted by Hick:

I thought it was the other way around because they added an extra row to the 426 but I assumed not to the WR.

Im not sure about the 426 but I was told the 98-99 model wr's had wider shrouds than the yz because they need the extra cooling capacity for off roading.

But then again, what do I know! sgrin.gif


Darin from Missouri - 1999 WR 400F

As far as the TT350's go.... Yamaha still makes the motor as the XT350 (might have an e-start now)... so all the motor parts should still be available, and I bet the frame is still the same... the plastic might have changed though.

My shrouds fit however; I had to pull very hard downward to get the bolts at the bottom of the radiator to line up. I did not shave my shrouds stiffeners. You probably do if you had rad. guards. I have no extra room.

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