I'm embarrassed by my short squirt length

your fuel should be broken down or atomised for best burning. a squirt of neat fuel is no good.

it improves MPG. you only need the APJ to cover the delay in time between the air reacting and the fuel reacting. this is less than .5 seconds and only happens in first or second gear.

you only return the throttle to closed in first and second gear.

your bike gets all the fuel it needs after .5 seconds AND in all the other gears.


As I get ready to attempt the Taffy Mod, I forgot to ask one question...Why am I shortening the squirt length?

What is the 2 - 3 second squirt robbing me of? How is this bad and why is a shorter squirt length better for my bike? What is the benefit?

Why would it be so long in the first place?

Where do I find these small electric blocks?


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Don't know all of the why's other than increased mileage without the long squirt, but I can recommend the 3/32" RC car wheel collar that someone posted about instead of the ground block. This part is a little chrome collar with an allen set screw and cost me $1.35 for a bag of 4. In fact, if you need I'll mail you one now that I have 3 extras, but they should be easy to find at any hobby shop. It fits so well that you would think it is a stock part.

If no hobby stores are around, this wheel collar looks exactly like a drill bit stop, which is easy to find in any hardware store.


So there is no performance increase? Only a MPG gain?

I'll check with my brother in law on that wheel collar. He is a huge RC car enthusiast and probably has one for me.


you may be under the impression that tuning and MPG are totally seperate. they aren't.

a rich bike or a lean bike use more fuel than a bike that's properly carburated.

a properly carburated bike produces more power and if you are bent on riding at 40mph for instance you will need say, 25bhp. if you now produce that power from a smaller throttle opening you will be saving fuel this way as well.

do you know that i'm the only rider who has even dared to ride without the APJ (gosh

:D:D ) and the bike goes for hours on a whiff of fuel. those poor KTM boys over on orange can't get 60 miles from a tank, then again they steadfastly refuse toi do the "Taff mod" citing teutonic superiority :D:) whankers


I beg to differ on the APJ thing Taffy !

Gotcha :)

You are right though in that you get great milage without the APJ...but no oomph as described many times before.

Did you mention it is a Japanese carb? :)

I thought shortening the duration also eliminated the bog when you whack the throttle?

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