Fuel Injected YZ400/426

Thought some of you might find this interesting:

This is the electronic fuel injection system for the Yamaha YZ400/426. This system includes a generator, DC power system, complete ignition system, throttle body and fuel pump. The unit features total control of the ignition and fuel system via a handlebar switch. A laptop can be used to diagnose the system and make programming changes.



I have a PDF from Optimum that describes the product for the Yamaha thumper. All I can saw it NO MORE JETTING ISSUES!! And added Horsepower that is adjustable from the handlebars. This should give the Vortex ignition a serious run for it's money. AND it has an RS232 interface w/handheld ignition mapping program (I think it's only CE devices)

I have a .PDF but I can't figure out how to post it.


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No more jetting issues??

Cannondale have 'no more jetting issues' also on their bikes.. there is no mor jetting issues.. just mapping ones!! :)

Trust me... mapping an EFI system is about 100x harder than playing with a pilot, main and needle.



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I agree totally about mapping EFI, I hated doing it on my racing Bimmer. . .I think a bike would be MUCH worse because of the varing conditions. BUT, like I said. No more JETTING issues. . . .just EFI issues.


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

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