when is someone going to come up with some exciting news about a new product that works?

was the P-38 a giant step forward?

did any y2k owners put their short scotts triple clamps on this model?

did the handling on the y2k improve in comparison to the 98/99?

did you know that the 98/99 rear damper is two-stage adjustable INTERNALLY?

has anyone noticed that you can't lay the bike down with the clarke (& i presume the IMS & Ty)tank coz it sits on your knee forcing you to either stay up or shove your foot into the next rock you come too?

i broke the speedo & the right hand bracket to my headlamp in April, since then i've used elastic to pull the lamp back into place. what a brilliant storage area for gloves, ordinance survey maps etc etc.

i wish i'd bought low pro-tapers ( & don't ask me what bend they are!) coz every time i come out of a ditch i have to wait till my weight is in the middle & not off the back.

come on lads! interest me, tell me something new.


Well, I have been getting my foot caught under the brake lever while on motocross tracks lately - that can be exciting.

Caramilk bars now come in a new coffee flavor (can you get them in the states?), a yeeeuummy new variation on an old theme.

Scientists now think the universal constant is one, meaning entropy will rule and in the end as the universe expands forever into energy death.

shut up you welsh sheepshaggin git





you welsh are nuffin without us english to protect you and bolster your economy

The only thing I know for sure is "Gore is lying".


yet another unregistered foulmouthed obsenity to the website!

are you unregistered because you can't hold a conversation & can only converse in monosiblic tones.

at least we get a shag little boy!


Originally posted by Citizen Kane:

The only thing I know for sure is "Gore is lying".

I disagree, but only because Al is too stupid to discern the truth and therefore cannot distinguish what is not true.

I also heard that E may no longer equal MC^2, but I haven’t seen any proof..


Entropy is so random, though...

that's why Heisenberg invented the "uncertainity theory". So nobody really knows where anybody is. . . . :)


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

can any of u help me with it's replies thing?I just wrote in and have 2 replies logged but I can't see then? Please let me know as my bike needs your help.

thanks Udo

Lads your thinking too hard, the real answer to any questions is take what ever it is and smash it with a hammer, the only real question is whether to use a recoiless rubber mallet or a metal ball pen hammer.


Check out the Fuel Injection for WR400 topic. That might put a rise in your panties - :)!!

I have a PDF that describes the product in marketing hype, but does give you some insite as to how cool it might be. . .of course $$ will be interesting! Since I'm PDF posting impaired, if you want the PDF, send me your e-mail address.


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

Taffy....thats right...rise to my insult.

You welsh make me larrrrrrrrrf



Its "mono-syblic", not "monosiblic"...THICKO!!

Whoa :) usually when I read a topic I get some good info but this time I think it sucked info from my brain? :D:D


Mike from Oregon

2000 WR400 :D White Bros E-series S-bend :D Throttle stop cut :D Acerbis handguards :D

[This message has been edited by BlueHondaEater (edited 10-01-2000).]

It's___ mono-syllabic____ not whatever either of you genius's said, damn, if you're going to correct someone at least get it right.

Dorf - no worry. He had it right in his mind. Just a fluke accident.

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