Trailtech Vapor - retain its memory ?

Hey everyone...this site is incredible for quick and ample responses, there is no other xr650 forum that is better.

Ok i'm about to pull the trigger on an Vapor for my 02 XR650R. I have a couple questions though.

I see that there is a speedo sensor kit with it. Does that sensor kit plug into the stock drive on the axle ? Or is it a stand alone magnet/sensor.

Does the internal battery charge up when you run the bike ? The reason i ask is since i run no battery and dont plan to, will I lose the memory of my Odometer and clock if it sits for a long time. Especially over the winter. I don't want to have a fresh odometer every season.



my vapor will retain most of the settings when the battery dies. i will have to reset the time at that point. the front wheel sensor is a stand alone unit and the kit comes with all of the parts and directions to install it as well as a cap to plug the stock unit on the wheel when you remove the cable.

Thanks for the help...i'm going to order one up.

i like mine

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