Water Wetter?

With Moab almost upon us,has anyone used any coolant system additives to keepengine temperatures down? If so what kind and what claims do they make as for as degrees cooler? On my last ride I had a part of a trail blocked due to logging activity. Finding a route around the mess resulted in a mild boil over. I,m sure ther'll be a little slow going in Moab maybe (water wetter) or some kind of additive will help. thanks,Huge

Hay howard hows it going i have uesd water weter in race cars it did lower temp buy 10 dg.F never uesd it in bikes before but should work ok.you should get a over flow tank like the WR has ues mikes :)any how you guys have fun at mohab.


I ran "Engine Ice" in my 380 MXC. It takes the place of your radiator fluid. It is propylene glycol. It comes in a half gallon premixed for around $15. It is made by Cyclelogic Productc INC. (www.cyclelogic.cc) 1-877-806-9377. It claims to reduce operating temps by 50 degrees. I don't believe that but I think it might help some.


Water wetter does work but don't expect a huge difference. 3 to 5 degrees is most likely.

Here's my water wetter story. I tried it on my last bike, a modified dual sport Kawa KLR250. It had an engine temperature sensor just before the thermostat. It ran a little on the hotside when on a slow trail as judged from the guage and pant leg/boot heat. It occasionaly hit the red if stuck in traffic or again on really slow technical trails. The bike actually had a cooling fan, which never seemed to work, so I removed it to save some weight.

Anyway, I decided to add Water Wetter as it seemed to be the premier cooling aid on the market. Well, I don't know exactly how much it dropped the temperature, but sure enough it never hit red again! In fact, it never seemed to raise above the center mark, which was normal operating temperature--even in heavy traffic! I changed nothing else including the coolant in between.

So I thought I would check it out in my truck, as it gets a little hot (one more bar on the digital readout) in summer and towing w/ A/C on. Sure enough, it never hit that mark again!

So I think the stuff works from my experience. I added it to the WR when it was brand new, so I can't the compare difference in heat before or after.

If you do use it, only mix the prescribed amount, too much isn't a good thing.

BTW, Moose Juice is another product that is supposed to work well too. Never tried it. But it does seem easier to find than Water Wetter. :)

Thamks for the input, I picked up a 12oz bottle at Road Rider in San Jose for 7bucks. Says to use 4oz per treatment. Add to existing coolant (which I just changed anyway). I will post my experience with it as soon as possible :)

4 ounces seems like a lot. I seem to recall it was something along the lines of 1oz watter : 1 liter coolant mix ratio.

So maybe appx 1 oz should do the trick? Then stick the rest in your towing vehicle?

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