No damper for me. . . .

I'm running the Azonics handlebars, with the universal Pro-Taper adapters. I called the Scotts people to find out if a Scotts damper would fit. . .no dice. :)

If you have a crossbar handlebar, you need at least 40mm of clearance between the handlebar and the crossbar.

Guess I'll have crash again and bend the Azonics and go back to Renthal twinwall or DeMarini (they have an arched crossbar). . .

sigh. . . .


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs!


Have you looked at a WER dampner? It's not as good as the Scotts, but mine has saved my butt many times and it mounts on the bottom clamp so it will work with your bars. Let me know if you can't find any info on them and I'll dig-up there number.

good luck,



Just when I thought I'd have to do a crash and burn to justify new bars that would let me get a Scotts. . . .

So Cal Erik: Thanks for the idea! I'll have to measure and see just how much bend I need. Gotta have 40mm of clearance.

GNCCYZ400: WER?? Nope hadn't heard of them. I think I'm going to try to fit a Scotts by doing the bend option. If not, then I'll send you and e-mail for the WER information.

Thanks guys.


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs!

Most welding or ornamental iron shops have pipe or tube benders. Try calling one in your area, unbolt your crossbar and take it to them. They should be able to bend the ends

or put a slight bend in the middle. Thats how I had my old renthal crossbar modified to fit. Make sure you take your damper with you so they can make it a good fit.



So Cal Erik

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Since you are using Pro Taper mounts I assume you have the twin walled Azonics, no?

From the look of the Azonics I always suspected they were a clone of the Renthal Twinwalls, even the little rubber seals look the same.

Point being I have Carmichael bend Twinwalls and my Scott’s fits fine. But I mounted it backwards. I’ll make a note to measure the distance on the Renthals when I get home since the bars are already off my bike (along w/ everything else). That way we’ll know if the 40 mm rule can be broken and if so by how much.

I was told that you are supposed to use a “special” puller to remove the stabilizer arm in order to turn it around 180 degrees so the unit can be mounted backwards but I just used a normal little two armed puller. Carefully.

Turning the unit around places only the lower profile part of the Scott’s under the crossbar with the bulk of the unit to the rear, unless your bars are rotated back from vertical. This is the only way to run a Scott’s with a crossbar and pad and still have easy access to the controls.

Scott’s actually suggested I buy the Twinwalls, two different guys I talked to there run them (w/ backwards mounted stabilizers) and I don’t see your Azonics as being that much different, unless you are running a bend that is appreciably shorter.

Of course the WER obviates the whole crossbar problem by mounting down by the bottom clamp. The “E” in WER stands for Enduro and they designed it this way to accommodate dashes and computers and whatnot. Someone told me that the WER unit damped steering in both directions (unlike the Scott’s) and thus tired the rider. I’m not sure if I believe that (do you get tired during a GNCC Jeff? :) ), but if it is true I wouldn’t get the WER.

Hope this helps!

PS I can’t remember what bike you have but if it is a ’00 YZ/WR the stock top clamp will bump the tower at about the same time the lower clamp hits the steering stop. The result is the tower will cut two little notches on your top clamp where it makes contact. On the plus side, you will always know that your tower is centered :D

As an aside isn’t it odd that a short rider (RC) on a bike with the shortest (stock) bar bend has such a tall bar?


When I called Scotts to ask about this, the guy who answered the phone pulled up a pair of Twin-walled Azonics w/CR High bend and measured them. Since I wasn't familiar with the Scotts Damper, I didn't think to ask about mounting it backward? Could you post a pic of it?

I'm darn close to just waiting for 4 weeks and getting the DeMarini platinum bars (twinwall), which mount on the standard size clamps and have a 60mm clearance. I can get rid of the Pro-taper kit, lower the bar height, use my stock mounts and have a damper. . .but that add $120 to the cost of the Scott's damper. . .and it's already darn expensive.

I'll probably be 4 weeks before I get my bike back together anyway. :) Getting shocks rebuilt by MX-Tech. :D


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs!


From top of bar to bottom of crossbar measurements:

Stock bars: 43 mm

RC Twinwalls: 41 mm

Room to spare: 3 mm (i.e. a bar w/ 37 mm to crossbar would just clear a backwards mounted Scott’s).

37 mm is just under 1.5 inches.

I am still curious as to who makes those Azonic bars. This does relate to your dilemma because if they are are a Twinwall copy made by Renthal for O’Neal then you can just ditch the crossbar and save the expense and trouble of replacing your bars (assuming the crossbar is too low to clear the Scott’s). Then you won’t have to bother with turning the unit around.

The little brochure that came with my Twinwalls invited the owner to remove the crossbar saying it only served to stiffen the bar and was not a significant factor in the strength or breakage resistance.

Since you have a few weeks to spare here maybe I can get some pictures of how mine fits scanned and posted to help you make your decision.

Let us know how the MX-Tech mods work out. I wanted them to do my forks but the guy never returned my calls. I wonder what I am missing…


Dunno who makes the Azonics for O'Neal. If it's Renthal, then they've improved their bars! I'm still pretty taken with the singlewall DeMarini. . .and I would like to get rid of the universal mount kit. . .the doublewalled platnium are really appealing.

If you can post some picts, that would be great! I'm having a hard time visualizing what the damper would look like mounted upside down. The Azonics didn't come with any kind of manual or promotional material.

I sent Jeremy some E-mail and he's been good about responding. They have a new web page where you can fill out a form and they will call or e-mail you. . . I'll let you know what I think about the MX-Tech stuff. Hell, maybe all us NM boys can hook up for a ride and you can try the suspension out.


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs!

Gary, do you know a plumber, as he will have copper tube benders of various sizes that will be capable of bending the handlebar brace to give you the clearance you need. I know as I'm a plumber and have just done it on my WR. Regards, AMTRA, Aussie.

Hmmmm. . .I have some copper tube benders somewhere in my moving boxes. I'll have to try that.

I'm still waiting for Hick to post a picture of his Scotts mounted upside down. That might be just the ticket!


'00 WR, YZ modified and dodgin' Roadrunners and P-dogs. .all with no damper!

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