Colorado Guys

I'm thinking of moving to Fort Collins, CO and was wondering if anyone had anything to share.

How the riding?

The weather?



I look forward to your replies.

Hey Bryan.

I've always been a Fort Collins fan. I went to school near there, Greeley, and spent a lot of time in Ft. Collins since my brother lived there.

It has a smaller town attitude than Denver but still has good shopping etc.

It's not as close to as many ski areas as Denver, but your not too far from Steamboat Springs which is one of my favorite towns and ski areas.

The weather in Ft. Collins is similar to Denver. You get snow in the winter but also get down slope winds with 50 and 60 degree days. So the snow usually melts pretty quick.

If you like Mountain biking, there are some great trails in Fort Collins.

The town is also very close to Wyoming and I bet you can find lots of riding up there with a bit of exploring. Not a very populated state.

Traffic isn't as bad as Denver. But it's not all that great since it's a small town going through some growing pains. They've been getting a lot of high tech business up there over the years and also got a Budweiser plant a while back. So I think the economy is pretty good.

It would be pretty high on my list of places to live if I moved from Denver.

Just my lame opinion,


Bryan Bosch,

I have to second what B. Hulse had say. "The Fort" is a cool place. It is growing, but nothing like the Denver area. Do you have a family? (or just a bike?) It would be a great place to raise a family. Something BH left out was the other sporting in the area. There is much better hunting, fishing and camping than around Denver. Plan to spend some quality time outside! (BH had to help me hang a fishing pole rack the other night...)

When you get there, you'll have to let us know. We make a few trips to Steamboat each year. What a gas! It's great up there and the drive from the fort, up the Pudure (sp?) canyon, is awesome.


Jake, me, my wife, the dog, and my first boy is on his way in January. San Diego is a great place however; extemely expensive and I'm not so sure about the best place to raise a family. When I moved to San Diego, I thought there would be unlimited riding opportunities however; the enviornazi's have so much land locked-up, I have to drive 2+ hours to the desert to ride. Even this is in jeopardy because of the Desert Sand Turtle! :) I moved here from Oregon and prefer woods riding. Not to say the desert isn't fun, just not as cool as tree riding. I'm looking at moving if everything pulls together sometime next June-August. Thanks!

Hey Brian, I'm with you on all your thoughts about So. Cal. living. Lord willing, my wife and I would like to get out of here too! I have a lucrative business down here in so. cal. (mobile auto detailing), but if we move, to Oregon or Col. or somewhere nice like that we'd have to start all over. Anyway, God bless, Erik


So Cal Erik

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Hey Bryan,

Don't know much about Fort Collins except what I've heard. Great place to live, getting bigger everyday. You have college town living with Colorado State University which is becoming respectible in sports.

But here is my thought on this: Hey, it is CO and you can't get any better than that. You get all four seasons without the bitter cold winters. Heat in the summer without the Humidity. 15 inches of snow one day and 65 degrees the next in the winter. Snow does not stick around long here. Skiing, hiking, mountain biking, dirtbiking, etc. And you can almost do all of it all year round.

As for riding up there, I don't personally know of any trails but I think I remember hearing of good trail riding not far away.

You will like CO living. Look at this way, a million Californians can't be wrong. They just keep coming. Promise us you will be the last :)

Dougie, I'm an Oregonian at heart. I've only lived in San Diego for 10 months. The other 30 were in Oregon!

The problem with Oregon is too much rain and very, very liberal (Portland). San Diego is dry and conservative however; the home I can buy in Fort Collins for $250k will costs me $400-500k in most of the areas of San Diego County I'm interested in living in!

People are literally camping out in new subdivision in hopes of bidding on a home! Homes sell above asking price. I've seen homes start at 325K and bid up to 375k in a matter of weeks!

Colorado, here I come!

Great :)

People from Oregon usally move here to protest the logging! Leave your Birkenstocks and tie-dye. :D At least the Cali folks have introduced some better wine. And, someone has to buy those huge houses in the 'burbs.

Bryan, you know we're kidding, right :D

Eric - You can do really well here in the detail business. With all our freak snow and hail storms - there's allways tons of work. I don't think our tracks are going to compare to So. Cal but, we sure could use a ruts chapter!



Try moving to Santa Rosa, CA - part of the lovely San Francisco/Silicon Valley housing problem!!!!!!


Brian, I agree however; incomes in SD have not kept up with the cost of housing. Fox News quoted SD as now being the least affordable in the west. Maybe, but regardless, too expensive!

Jake, Where in Col. are you located? What areas would you recommend looking for (detailing) work? Are there any good mx tracks near you? Any idea how much the average 3bedroom house in decent neighborhood

is selling for? (of course within 45 minutes drive of good riding). Erik


So Cal Erik

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I'm not Jake but I play him on TV

Colorado housing prices are THROUGH THE ROOF right now. A three bedroom suburban house is in the $250,000 range and up. Not bad if your coming from California but real bad if your coming from anywhere else.

Riding is pretty close anywhere you live in Denver. There is a motocross track only 10 minutes from my house although I've never been there. I will this winter though. The best riding area, Rampart/Woodland Park is only 45 minutes to 1 hour away. There is so much riding there, you could get lost for days if you barely tried.








$250K? I'll take two! I can see those home prices on the rise with us So. Cal. people thinking of moving to Colorado! :) I lived in Oregon for most of my life before moving to San Diego and So. Californians really boosted the home market in Portland, OR.

I'll take one of those houses!!!!!!! New 1900 sqft 3/2s on 6500 sqft lots are going for upwards of $400K in the Santa Rosa area. A house on my sisters street in San Carlos (between SF & San Jose) went for $1,000,000.00 - that's a 1200 sqft 3/1 on a 5000sqft lot built in the early to mid 50's.

$250,000 - chump change :)




That's my final offer!


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