brand new wr, help!

Hi everybody,

After following this forum for the last month I cancelled my cannondale and bought blue :D. I picked up a new 2000 WR400f. Yea i know the 426 is coming, but the 2000 was a great deal. For all of the techies out there, what do i need to do to my bike first? Not new pieces yet but silencer, I also remember something about a throttle restrictor, any help would be appreciated. Im coming off of a KTM300EXC :D so i want to get the most out of the WR. Thanks in advance :).


Check out the various topics under the "Technical" links in the left frame of this site.

Also, use the "search" feature. Most of the info you are interested in will be contain within thread that have already been posted to the site.

Glad you went Blue!

Thanks Bryan. Shoulda thought first before posting :). Just picked up the bike yesterday evening and i am all pumped up. I live in phoenix so it's kinda hot for an afternoon ride. Later.

I understand how you feel. I live in San Diego and going to the desert to ride is still a little too warm for my taste. The winters are great though. Enjoy your new dub-r.

Hi Eric-

Well there are tons of things you really should do. First, stock jetting is lean as hell. Move up one size on the pilot, main, and probably move the needle clip down to postion 4. This will help any lean surging, and rideability problems you may have. Note this is just start, more jetting may be required. Also note the air filter comes dry from the factory. Don't just oil it 5 minutes before the ride, otherwise it will run rich and foul plugs. Let the oil penetrate overnight and allow the carrier solution to evaporate.

Since Yamaha has apparently never heard of grease or anti-seize, taking apart and greasing the steering head, swingarm pivot, linkage, wheel bearings, and shock is also top priority. Then remove as many bolts as you can, apply anti-seize, then torque them to the specs in your manual. Believe me you'll be glad you did after you see how little grease (actually more the consistency of lip balm)

Did you trim down ther thottle stop? There are mixed feelings about removing vs. trimming-I chose to trim it.

Other stuff that you'll find help the bike is to raise the forks in the clamps 8-10mm. It will turn better. If you ride in mud, ditch the stock tires. Remove the exhaust restrictor. Remove the airbox cover, unless you ride in sever dust or mud, the filter will get dirty fast.

Tighten the spokes. Mine were loose after one easy break in- street ride.

This is just a start, but very effective in keeping the engine running well and allowing the suspension to flow freely. Other than the cost of jets, everything is free. OK tires aren't free, but most folks at least wear them down some before changing to one that suits your terrain.

Good luck! I know it sounds like a lot, but the rewards are high!

Thanks carp! sounds like alot but needs to be done. Much appreciated.


Eric we got to go riding sometime I heard there is some bitchin' riding up in Flagstaff. Much cooler up there right now...thinking about going up there this weekend or next 10/8 or 10/15 (sunday-monday) Going to rejet it first for the alt.

I'm down in Tucson, just made my WR street legal...very easy to do in AZ

Kermit, my wife has family in Tucson, are there any good riding areas or mx tracks in or near there? Erik


So Cal Erik

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Originally posted by So Cal Erik:

Kermit, my wife has family in Tucson, are there any good riding areas or mx tracks in or near there? Erik

Yes there is. There are 2 MX tracks that I know of. And some good desert riding too. my e-mail is: Tucson is pretty small so getting to the areas doesn't take too long.

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