MAJOR AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Major Air is right. My bike is on a plane and will be on it's way to Denver, then Moab!! :)

WHOO HOO! Only three more days. I've been checking the WX for Moab and it looks great. Sunny and mid 70's for the entire weekend. Perfect or Moab.

It looks like us CO guys are going to have to fight a mountain snow storm to get there on Thursday. 45 degrees and snow predicted for Denver which could mean big trouble at the Eisenhower Tunnel and Vail Pass. Just have to leave an hour or two earlier.

I'm hoping I solved my broken lever issue. I finally found some hand guards that fit with my IMS tank. The Cycra guards work witht he Pro Taper bars. However, they were not as easy to put on as advertised. But they look great. I give them 10 minutes before I have bent and scuffed them up.



Dougie, '99 WR400 with a lot of dumb, stupid, here take my money, I have to have them but they don't make me a better rider extra mods.

(Except the dampner :))

Do you have chains??

Chains are for &%$#@!!

Besides, those fat, heavy, portly WR's in the back of my truck are better than chains. We should be able to cruise at 85 to 90 in the snow no problem.

Scared yet?


Scared of what...??? :)

Originally posted by Kevin in New Hampshire:

My bike is on a plane and will be on it's way to Denver, then Moab!!

You know they say it's not the air that hurts, it's the landing. Let's hope it lands on the rubber by Thursday.


Kevin, Moab is a 6 1/2 hour drive from Denver. Unless you are riding with Bryan, then it is only a 4 hour drive. I still wake up in cold sweats sometimes from the last time I rode out there with him :)


And that time there was no snow on the ground.

When there is snow on the road I drive faster because:




P.S. Kevin: Got good insurance? By the way, I grew up in the snowey Colorado mountains and I've never crashed in an automobile YET! :D

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